Authorities Seize Community Center Hosting Nigerians And Other Migrants In Italy

Italian authorities have seized a warehouse that hosted a community center in the southern city of Caserta, citing “structural deficiencies.” The center manages a hosting facility for asylum seekers and refugees.

Carabinieri police in the southern city of Caserta, in Italy, have seized a warehouse used by the community center ‘ex Canapificio,’ an association that manages the local SPRAR hosting project for refugees.

The SPRAR network stands for Il Sistema di protezione per richiedenti asilo e rifugiati (System of protection for asylum-seekers and refugees). It is made up of local networks, funded by the state, which run welcome centers and integration projects across Italy.

The operation was ordered by the State attorney’s office in the city of Santa Maria Capua Vetere near Caserta. Authorities said the seizure was due to “structural deficiencies” reported at the warehouse; the deficiencies were thought to have been caused by the infiltration of water into the building’s structure, according to prosecutors.

The warehouse is owned by the Campania region around Caserta. The local administration had been discussing measures to secure the building whose deficiencies have been known for years, according to local sources. The community center hosts the offices of the SPRAR program and an office to apply for the REI inclusive income and the ‘citizenship wage’ basic income.

Mimma D’Amico, who manages the center, said its activities are now “blocked.” “We will immediately alert the prefect, region, police department and the city administration of Caserta,” D’Amico said, adding that she was “bewildered and grieved” by the measure.


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